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Recycled Paint

You can turn all the dried up paint left over on your palette into PaletteArt. To learn how Contact us. Artists can all do their part for the environment to help create a more sustainable world. We are happy to support any artist working with salvaged materials. Submit your environmental artworks to our contest.

palette art palette art palette art

What is Palette Art?

Palette art represents a new art form, it is an entirely unique way of working with paint to create fine art. Lisa J Levasseur, creator of PaletteArt quickly emerged as an artist in less than two years with no formal art education or background painting. It began in 2010, Lisa took two months off work and began painting. Frustrated, unable to put her vision on canvas, she decided to try abstract. She took the dried up paint she wasted trying to create a masterpiece and sculpted it into artwork. Lisa used this concept of sculpting paint onto canvas to develop a range of new techniques. The work caused a lot of excitement among family, friends and art professionals who strongly encouraged her to pursue art as a career. It wasn't long before Lisa was featured in books with exhibitions in New York and Palm Desert as the creator Palette Art. One's perception of art is changed by personally viewing her abstract work. It is very three dimensional work, often raised a few inches free form off canvas. A culmination of unique abstract forms in both painting and sculpture never seen before. One can only grasp how this can be accomplished taking lessons. "I created PaletteArt because I couldn't bear to throw away dried up old paint. It then became more of a scientific project. Basically I had to figure out how to get paint to do everything it isn't designed to do. I can use any form of wasted paint, but it requires my own custom paint and processing products not currently available in art stores." - LJL